Scholarship Contest

connie EAL 1965

Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

Contest Rules & Suggestions

Joseph J. Gleason, 
1545 East Lake Parker Drive
Lakeland, Florida 33801
Telephone: (863) 667-1043

 The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc., application (*found on the ‘Application’ page and to be downloaded by applicant) and MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT. Read the application carefully. FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS COULD CAUSE AN APPLICANT TO BE DISQUALIFIED

NOTE: Hearing impaired and disabled individuals may still qualify for a scholarship to obtain “Light Sport” aviation category rating or “Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic” certification. Furthermore, the competition is open to anyone regardless of race, creed, or gender. Each applicant must meet all other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) qualifications and requirements. 

There are two categories of scholarships being offered to the winners of this competition.

The Private Pilot, Light Sport, or A&P Mechanic certification categories are open to applicants ages 16-20 years at the time of application. This scholarship limit is $10,000. 

The Advanced Certification category is open to applicants ages 18-25 years at the time of application who hold a current private pilot license. This scholarship limit is $5,000.

Entrants may only apply to one category per year. 

Entrants under the age of 18 years at the time of entry must have parents’ written approval.

Entry submission requirements are the same for both categories of the competition.

All entries become the exclusive property of The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

Each entry will be judged by the same criteria in the first two stages of competition. 

Stage One:

The entry deadline is November 30 of each year. Scholarships will be awarded the following year.

Each contestants must submit a completed application form to The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc., by mail prior to September 1 of each year of intended entry of contest.

If a contestant has not sent in their application prior to their entry, then their video entry will not be considered in the final contest judging. If a video is tardy and arrives past the deadline, it will not be considered unless arrangements have been made prior to the deadline.    

Contestants must develop a video with audio (DVD) which must be at least 12 minutes, but does not exceed 15 minutes, in duration.

The content of the DVD must contain the following: 

1-The narrator must mention “The Arthur Godfrey Aviation Foundation” at least four times within the video.

2- The purpose of the video.

3- Your passion for flying and where and when you became interested in aviation.

4- Your name and age, where you live (city and country of residence), and goals (personal and career).

5- Where you plan to attend flight school.

6- Whether you have any flight experience and, if so, how many hours have you logged. Also, note if you currently rated.

The content of the DVD needs to promote general aviation toward individuals ages 16-20 who are not currently involved in aviation. Contestants who use music as a part of their production should credit the artist on the DVD credits or endeavor to have the artist’s written permission. Provide a copy of the release to The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

Contestants should post their video on the Internet, post a link to the location, and make certain to note that it is for The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation Scholarship Contest. Each contestant will mail 5 DVD or CD copies of their production to The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. Joseph J. Gleason,  1545 East Lake Parker Drive  Lakeland, Florida 33801  Telephone: (863) 667-1043

The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc., must have received the entry copies of each contestant’s production no later than 6:00 pm on November 30th, or if that date is on a weekend, the last business day prior to November 30. Any production received after that date will not be considered for the current year.  All entries should be sent to The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. Joseph J. Gleason,  1545 East Lake Parker Drive  Lakeland, Florida 33801  Telephone: (863) 667-1043

Stage Two:

Following the close of Stage One, the “Selection Committee” will judge all entries.

The Selection Committee consists of prominent members of the media and/or communications industry as well as the Board of Directors of The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. The Selection Committee will review the CD/DVD submissions made at the start of Stage One and judge them. The Selection Committee will determine all the winners for all Stages.

Note: Judging and scoring will be based upon the following considerations: 

The production’s age appropriate message content.

The visual and/or audio composition.

The production’s enunciation in narrative delivery.

The production’s creativity.

The video’s focus issues. It should not be “fuzzy” or out of focus.

The video’s visual (camera) stability.  The production should possess no “shaking” issues.

The narrator must be the contestant. Narration should flow smoothly from a rehearsed script.

The use of multiple cameras and varied angles are an asset. (If necessary, request help from your local school audio visual department).  


The winner of the scholarships and /or Finalists will receive notification no later than the end of January.

If there are no videos worthy of awarding of a scholarship due to the lack of quality, the funding will transfer to the subsequent year.

The “First Place” winner must travel at his or her own expense to Lakeland, Florida, or such other location as agreed upon by The Arthur M. Godfrey Foundation, Inc., to receive their scholarship award. Failure to appear will result in the forfeiture of the winner’s scholarship and the funds will divert to the following year. 

Scholarships will be awarded with certain restrictions on use including the following:

1. The winner must undergo training with an FAA certified instructor within the United States.

2. The scholarship will expire within 36 months if not fully utilized within that time period.

3. Recipients must demonstrate a normal rate of progression to receive continued funding.

*Other restrictions may apply. See further details as the deadline for submission approaches.

Make sure you understand it is alright to ask for help and the cooperation of others even professionals, teachers, and that includes entire school media departments, as long as you narrate and produce the video, with the proper credits. Aviation is a joint venture and no one does it alone. Therefore learning to depend on others to help complete a project is the proper and correct means to a successful effort, as long as the other individuals get credit for their efforts for helping in your project as well. If you need help or opinions ask for it.

“That is what The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. is all about; asking for help to complete a project”


~~~~~~~~ o ~~~~~~~

“Make sure to tell us where & when your love for aviation started”  

Art Godfrey Portrait


“Since the beginning of time man has gazed up and dreamed to fly like the birds in the sky, experiencing the freedom of soaring freely above the earth, looking down over his domain, knowing the euphoric feeling of flight.”  



The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

Joseph J. Gleason, 
1545 East Lake Parker Drive
Lakeland, Florida 33801
Telephone: (863) 667-1043


74 Responses to Scholarship Contest

  1. Kurt says:

    16-20 at the time of entry or at the time of award?

  2. Hello ? Go0d Day ! Is it possible to join the Contest th0ugh I am n0t residing in US ? Im fr0m Philippines by the way .

      • JR Hafer says:

        We welcome applicants from anywhere in the world. The people from the Philippines with a passion for aviation are welcome to apply. Filipinos are hard workers and dedicated making great aviators. They’re many all over the world flying professionally… Good Luck.

  3. Hello . Go0d Day ! Is it possible to join and win the Contest though Im n0t living in United States ?? Thank you . Im from Philippines by the way .

    • mrjts2013 says:

      Yes, you can also apply for the scholarship. Just download the application complete it and send it in.

      • Can somebody give me the Link of the Applicati0n I have to Download in0rder to j0in the Contest ? Im sorry but , I couldn’t find it easily due to the Unit of Cellph0ne Im using .

  4. Can s0meb0dy give me the link of the Downloadable Applicati0n ?? I couldn’t find it easy due to the Unit of Ph0ne Im using . Thank you .

  5. Korey Ingram says:

    Are we able to use this scholarship wherever we please, for example towards tuition at an aviation based university such as Jacksonville university?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      The scholarship can be used by a student in an aviation related course of study.

      They have to be enrolled in a program of aviation studies, A&P or flight school training anywhere in the US.

  6. Cristian Arauz says:

    Hello, can you please send me the application as I cannot find it? Thank You!

  7. Sam says:

    Hi! I want to apply and I am i don’t have a private pilots license but i have taken two intro flights am I eligible?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      Yes you are indeed eligible if you meet the age requirements. Please download the application and read the rules and apply as soon as possible. Thank you.
      Make sure you give all contact information and include your age on the application.

  8. yashica says:

    i am going to recieve my private pilot’s licence soon and want to pursue aerospace engineering in us.
    But, I am 17 and a citizen of india. Can I apply?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      Yes anyone can apply if they meet the criteria. Download and complete the application make sure to put your date of birth and contact information, and please include the full contact information of any individuals you are using as references.

    • JR HAFER says:

      Yashica, Please post the youtube link to your video. and send an email indicating what school you will attend if you should win the scholarship.

  9. Yango says:

    Hi, I am from Ecuador in South America, am I eligible to apply?

  10. Sean says:

    The rules state the recipient must demonstrate a normal rate of progression. Is waiting until summer due to college restraints considered a normal rate of progression, or would that nullify the scholarship?

  11. Daniel Cabuya says:

    I’m about to start my bachelor of science of aviation on the fall of 2013. I’ll definitely apply for this scholarship, but I want to know how should I fill out the part of the application that says:
    “Flight Instructor”
    “Chief Instructor”
    I’m going to be a freshmen, so I still don’t know any of my instructors.
    Daniel Cabuya

  12. Michael Misson says:

    NER CAP is putting together videos from their four glider academies they are having this summer. 48 kids learning to fly gliders, each academy is nine days and they average 20 plus flights each. Can more then one cadet submit this compilation??

    • mrjts2013 says:

      All videos should be personalized in at least narration and commentary in as many ways possible. Let the students use their creativity and you can explain that this was done using the same compilation in each students personal way. But each one must be not be a carbon copy, that would be impossible to judge a winner for an individual scholarship, I’m sure you understand.

  13. Kevin says:

    When you mention “flight school training anywhere in the US,” does this include Part 61 flight training as well? The application form has fields for Program of Enrollment, Cumulative GPA, and Program Completion Date which I do not have an immediate answer for. Thanks in advance!

  14. Yakubu Abdullahi says:

    Hi am Nigerian, am i eligible to apply? is there any fee to be paid away from the scholarship? and can the certificate obtained be use for serch of job in any aviation company or organization? THANKS

    • mrjts2013 says:

      Please read the rules and explanations. There are no entry fees paid to The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc., and no fees charged to the recipient of the scholarship by the foundation.

  15. Carey Jones says:

    The Sun and fun Expo is in April 2014. Can the scholarship $ be used right after the presentation at that time, or is there a waiting period? I’m thinking about fees for summer courses.

  16. michelle says:

    I am considering to major in Aerospace engineer but I do not want to be a pilot. I am interested only on the design of the spacecraft. Am I eligible to apply?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      The scholarship is geared toward pilot’s training scholarships only. You may enter the contest but your video must be geared to actual piloting aircraft. If you win the scholarship then the board can make the determination to apply it to the curriculum of which you desire, but that would be the choice of the board at that time.

  17. Samuel says:

    I heard about this too late this year’s deadline. Will the requirements for next year change at all?

  18. yashica says:

    i have a student pilot’s licence and an FRTOL.
    I am currently preparing for private pilot’s licence(ppl) exams and am completing my flying hours.
    i am from india.
    i dont understand the stage one’s video rules.
    Could the video comprise of some parts taken from other youtube vidos or should it be an original?

  19. MetaData says:

    Does the CD portion of the application have to reach the Selection Committee by September 1st for the applicant to be considered? Or is that the latest date the package can be mailed?

  20. JR Hafer says:

    Yes as long as you indicate it is not a copyrighted song…

  21. joshua nyimpah appiah says:

    my name joshua and i will apply plz my accont is incase i win give me a reply there.but i think this will be a good platform for me to let out all my good thoughts about avition

  22. yashica says:

    Till when can we post it online?
    and where do I send the link to the uploaded video?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      You send the link with your video packet submission you can also send it to this website Post it here…
      The deadline has been extended until September 30 but I would suggest you go on and get it submitted as soon as possible. Do you have the address? The address is on the application. We look forward to receiving your submission.

      • yashica says:

        I already sent the packet but not the link
        So I post it here along the questions itself?

  23. joshuanyimpah says:

    actually please mine will be in an audio form but if u want to see my face my facebook name is joshua nyimpah.but there is one thing bothering me i am in Africa pricisely Ghana and even if i win i dont know if i can come coz i am schooling and hope u do some thing abt it for me

  24. yashica says:

    But I already sent my video without the link!
    What should I do?

    post it here along with questions?

  25. Good day, I’m frank from it possible for me to join the contest when I have no experience in aviation? but I realy want to fulfill my dream as commercial pilot thanks.

    • mrjts2013 says:

      For an application for an aviation scholarship, Please write to the Arthur Godfrey aviation Foundation: PO Box 90111 Lakeland, FL 33804-0111 USA for application…

  26. Diana says:

    Hello – my son is an aviation major at a private college in Napa Valley, Ca. He is a junior and just recently earned his pilot’s license before the Christmas holiday, 2013. Are all awards done in November or can we submit mid-year?

    • mrjts2013 says:

      For an application for an aviation scholarship, Please write to the Arthur Godfrey aviation Foundation: PO Box 90111 Lakeland, FL 33804-0111 USA for application…

  27. Thanks a lot for your seriously interesting comment –
    you simply can’t conquer excdellent content!

    • mrjts2013 says:

      Please explain, re try to tell me what your question is. Any problems we will be happy to work with you on. Perhaps you would like to call me and talk to me about?
      Call Arthur Godfrey Foundation: 863-853-3483 between 9am and 5pm Eastern USA Time Only Monday thru Friday.

  28. Sam says:


    What if we are currently a Private Pilot but are training for an A&P?

  29. yashica says:

    Hi! I applied for the scholarship last year and submitted my video. I was told that my application was forwarded to this year. Can I get any confirmation about that?

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